Brilliance Prep Summer Youth Program

Ages 4-14
$60 per child/$90 for 2 children

Brilliance Preparatory is a Light Force Foundation program dedicated to help youth of all ages realize and live out their full, God-given potential. It is a summer program that offers children the opportunity to grow not just academically but spiritually. With our expert teachers, every child will receive and learn life lessons. At Brilliance Preparatory, our objective is to sharpen your child and make a measurable improvement in their abilities before returning to school this fall. In doing so your child will continue to excel and improve. We are staffed by professional teachers with extensive private, public primary, middle and high school experience, as well as experienced volunteers. Every student is affirmed, esteemed and encouraged. We instill in them self-worth and confidence with the following daily confession :
I am created for goodness!
My mind is strong!
My body is a gift!
My future is great!
I will honor and respect adults, my peers,
and myself!
I will learn something new every day!
My belief is that “I can” and that “I will!”

We believe your child will grow! At the conclusion of the program, your child will be thoroughly prepared for their next level of school and given a biblical foundation to live by.

For more information, contact us at 214-320-5744 or by email at

$25 Registration Fee per child (Pays for water bottle and BP TShirt)
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