Confessions Of The Righteous

confessYou may be facing challenges in your life that seem impossible to overcome, or you may be dealing with situations that require positive change. According to Mark 11:22-23, speaking God’s Word is the key to making the impossible a reality.“Confessions” simply means to proclaim God’s Word, as though it was written thousands of years ago specifically for you, because it was!  These are God’s precious Promises for your life.  When you confess His Word, you are coming into agreement with Him.  Expect His Promises to occur in your life.  The Word says “where two or more agree, it shall be done for them,” – Who better to be in agreement with but the Lord, Himself?The words you speak are seeds that you sow into the spiritual realm. Angels harken to God’s Word, so when you speak His Promises, you are literally making things happen in the unseen world which will manifest in your life.  That’s why His Word declares that you shall eat the fruit of your lips (Proverbs 18:21).As you declare these confessions, you will discover:

• God’s Promises for your life
• Strength and grace for every situation
• Faith abiding in your heart
• A deeper, closer walk with God
• Your circumstances changed by the Power of God’s Word

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