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Living Instructions For Today

Living Instructions For Today

liftLiving Instructions For Today is our weekly Adult Bible Study. We meet in two (2) different locations every Wednesday at 7:30p.m. These are like none you have experienced. We realize being taught the Word of God is vital to the life of every believer, but teaching is only a part of what we need. We also need to be trained. Training is what ensures practical application of the principles found in scripture. We don’t just teach. We also train.

We invite you to join us for an evening teaching, training and equipping in the Word of God in either one of our 2 locations, both directly across the street from our main campus:

Rosemont at Ashcreek Office | 2605 John West Rd. | Dallas, TX 75228

Primrose Villa Office | 2519 John West Rd. | Dallas, TX 75228