God has been extremely good to the Light Church Family.  He has preserved us, protected us, provided for us, continued to refine our purpose, and honored His promises.  We believe God wants more fruit.  One of our goals is to improve our disciple-making process, the primary instruction given to us by Jesus.  We will increase our service to the community.  We will use the resources God has given us to reflect more of our vision: to equip the saints by teaching them the Word of God, and training them for the work of the ministry of the body of Christ.

We are planning significant improvements to how ministry is done through the work of our hands.  These improvements will produce a stronger, more vibrant ministry vessel.  It will also produce stronger more vibrant believers to do the work of the ministry. Because we are strengthening our foundation, the result will be MORE:

More Light
More Wisdom
More Victories
More Manifestation of the Word