The Mind of Christ

The Mind of Christ

LIFT (10-08-14) – Phil. 2 — The Mind of Christ

The Goal of the Body — Read Phil. 2:1-4; Phil. 1:27

1.     The Apostle Paul provides a roadmap to walking worthy of the gospel.  What is it?

2.     What is “humility of mind?”  Provide some examples for the Body of Christ.
The Mind of Christ — Read Phil. 2:5-13

3.     What was the Son’s position before He came to the earth in the form of a man?

4.     How did He humble Himself?

5.     So, what does it mean to “have the mind of Christ?”

6.     What is the result of His humility?  What was the reward of His humility?

Exercising Humility — Read Phil. 2:5-13
7.    What does it mean for us to exercise humility?