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The Right Attitude

The Right Attitude

Our Bible Study is more than teaching. They are interactive. We teach the Word. We share the Word. We ensure practical application of the Word. We study the Word together. In preparation for this week’s discussion, below you will find questions related to our topic.
Toward the Work — Read Phil. 1:1-11
1.      How did the Philippians “participate” in the gospel?  (Background Acts 16:11-40)

Toward Challenges — Read Phil. 1:12-20
2.      How does Paul view his circumstances?  (vv. 12 and 20)
3.      What are the results of his imprisonment for preaching Christ?

Toward One’s Life — Read Phil. 1:21-26
4.      What was Paul’s approach toward living on earth?
5.      What was Paul’s approach to leaving the earth?

Toward Each Other — Phil. 1:27-30
6.      What conduct did Paul desire for the Philippians as expressed in verses 27 and 28?
7.      Why would this be important for their work?